Wednesday, November 29, 2006

you gave your body to the lonely

Can we address the subject of sleep-talking? According to Wikipedia, sleep-talking, also known as somniloquy, runs in families. My sister talks in her sleep all the time. I found that through our joint living situation growing up. I only learned that I talked in my sleep when I moved in with my much beloved roommate, Rachel, two years ago. I've often told her to tell me to shut up when she hears me, but she insists that she is fascinated by the gibberish she hears. It was last night that I woke and kept her awake for several minutes with very involved, loud and animated talk of who is going to eat the chocolate. I really wish I could remember what I dreampt about last night...
I can recall once in my childhood an instance of my sister talking in her sleep. She seemed to be with many other people, and from what she versed, it seemed that they were sneaking around some place trying to steal something. It will always remain in my memory because she kept me captivated for several minutes in the middle of the night as she and her comrads tried to decide who would "go first". It was as if I were listening to a radio show-like back in the 40's and 50's and the world was about to end.
Sleep is such a strange thing. It seems on days when I get the most sleep, I am the most tired. And on days I get next to no sleep, I'm fine.

There is a budding romance at my job. It's almost like a movie. She rides her bike to work every day. And the other night, when it was snowing, he went out of the way to bring her home on his lunch break. Last night they worked together again. He leaves earlier than her. Her and I get off at the same time, and as we were leaving, he was waiting outside, as a surprise, to bring her home. It's such an unlikely match. She is one of the strangest people I know. Someone I like to say, "Just doesn't get it." He is an RM who looks like he's 17. He's quiet, but he smiles alot.
Brian wasn't as resistant to my resignation as I thought he would be. It almost makes me sorry to leave, but not really.
This is a blog is boring, but I did learn that Ian MacKaye IS the singer of Minor Threat, Fugazi AND Embrace--among other things of course.


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