Wednesday, November 15, 2006

sometimes you're to blind to see anything attractively

i woke up so abruptly this morning. it really bothered me. i'm a fan of the slow method of waking up. opening one eye at a time, seeing if you can still move your legs...
there's nothing worse than waking up to:
a) people yelling your name
b) a telephone ring
c) an alarm with that annoying "beep!beep!beep!"

my favorite things to wake up to is:
1) rain
2) transatlanticism

this brings us to my next subject: lack of sleep. lately i have been a culprit of zero(0) sleep. i can only function so long on 3-6 hours of sleep every night. it's my own fault of course. i love being with people. it's just disappointing. i used to be such a good little sleeper. what happend? oh yah.

i'm going to quit my job. i realized how much i hate, hate, hate wearing a uniform when, on halloween, i got to wear whatever i wanted and it was the best night of work i had had in a really long time. also, management has gotten progressively worse since i came back from vacation. people got promoted, and, inturn, turned into powertripping sons-of-bitches. it makes me really sad. i enjoy what i do, but the people i do it with are intolerable at times. i'm done.

i love cold. i love rain. i love walking home at night. i wish tricia was home. i have so many things to tell her.

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