Wednesday, November 29, 2006

you gave your body to the lonely

Can we address the subject of sleep-talking? According to Wikipedia, sleep-talking, also known as somniloquy, runs in families. My sister talks in her sleep all the time. I found that through our joint living situation growing up. I only learned that I talked in my sleep when I moved in with my much beloved roommate, Rachel, two years ago. I've often told her to tell me to shut up when she hears me, but she insists that she is fascinated by the gibberish she hears. It was last night that I woke and kept her awake for several minutes with very involved, loud and animated talk of who is going to eat the chocolate. I really wish I could remember what I dreampt about last night...
I can recall once in my childhood an instance of my sister talking in her sleep. She seemed to be with many other people, and from what she versed, it seemed that they were sneaking around some place trying to steal something. It will always remain in my memory because she kept me captivated for several minutes in the middle of the night as she and her comrads tried to decide who would "go first". It was as if I were listening to a radio show-like back in the 40's and 50's and the world was about to end.
Sleep is such a strange thing. It seems on days when I get the most sleep, I am the most tired. And on days I get next to no sleep, I'm fine.

There is a budding romance at my job. It's almost like a movie. She rides her bike to work every day. And the other night, when it was snowing, he went out of the way to bring her home on his lunch break. Last night they worked together again. He leaves earlier than her. Her and I get off at the same time, and as we were leaving, he was waiting outside, as a surprise, to bring her home. It's such an unlikely match. She is one of the strangest people I know. Someone I like to say, "Just doesn't get it." He is an RM who looks like he's 17. He's quiet, but he smiles alot.
Brian wasn't as resistant to my resignation as I thought he would be. It almost makes me sorry to leave, but not really.
This is a blog is boring, but I did learn that Ian MacKaye IS the singer of Minor Threat, Fugazi AND Embrace--among other things of course.


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

used to be one of the rotten ones and i liked you for that

It's snowing.
It's snowing.

I'm putting in my two weeks today. My last day of work will be Dec. 7th.

"This may sound like gibberish to you, but... I think I'm in a tragedy."

words never rang so true.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

battle of the sexes is the silliest game.

people can be really lame. i wish i understood what was going on in my life. hah. i'm so laaaaammmmme.
today was the first day of the rest of my life. kinda. don't ask, actually-please do. i shot up to brighton and from 9-4 spent riding on SNOW. snow? snow. wind. snow. wind. snow. ice? sun. wind. snow. the first half of the day was blah. i don't know why. it was nice to be back on the mountain, but for some reason, my mind was somewhere else. i think it was my music selection. towards the end of the day i put in lady sov. i love how music can change attitudes.

lady sov helped me have the best 5 runs of the day. so tidgy. i'll show these boys how i can spit.
last night i purchased 2 cd's from amazon. i love amazon. it's a perfect outlet for impulse buying.
the lost sounds

and the clears

nick lowe, the modern lovers, the sonics. rock n' roll.

this is my home away from home. get used to it.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

sometimes you're to blind to see anything attractively

i woke up so abruptly this morning. it really bothered me. i'm a fan of the slow method of waking up. opening one eye at a time, seeing if you can still move your legs...
there's nothing worse than waking up to:
a) people yelling your name
b) a telephone ring
c) an alarm with that annoying "beep!beep!beep!"

my favorite things to wake up to is:
1) rain
2) transatlanticism

this brings us to my next subject: lack of sleep. lately i have been a culprit of zero(0) sleep. i can only function so long on 3-6 hours of sleep every night. it's my own fault of course. i love being with people. it's just disappointing. i used to be such a good little sleeper. what happend? oh yah.

i'm going to quit my job. i realized how much i hate, hate, hate wearing a uniform when, on halloween, i got to wear whatever i wanted and it was the best night of work i had had in a really long time. also, management has gotten progressively worse since i came back from vacation. people got promoted, and, inturn, turned into powertripping sons-of-bitches. it makes me really sad. i enjoy what i do, but the people i do it with are intolerable at times. i'm done.

i love cold. i love rain. i love walking home at night. i wish tricia was home. i have so many things to tell her.

Monday, November 13, 2006

the meteoroid is the rock that's devoid of the light that's propelled it to thee

this morning i woke up in a joanna newsom mood. this is very convienient because i have the new album.

i love the human heart. i got 81% on my anatomy midterm. this is fantastic considering the minute amounts of studying i did this weekend. i love the human heart.

i want to be a staple in someones diet. think about it.
can you tell the difference between sprite and 7up? i can. i participated in a study as a favor for kaitlyn and earned a kit kat for drinking soda. awesome.


Saturday, November 11, 2006

Untitled #2 fyrsta

i have a small obsession with all things tragic. i'm fascinated by other people's tragedies, but nothing ever happens to me. i'm a silly girl who fantasizes about the horrific things that could happen to her. i only voice my wishes to others in small amounts. people tend to think it unhealthy. oh well. i guess it is.
i ate indian food tonight. and i ate it with my hands-well my right hand. you aren't supposed to with your left. anyway, the point is i ate it with my hands and they still smell of chicken tikka masala. it was sooo good. it easily made my night.

it's a tricky thing-eating with your hands. you have to carefully scoop your chosen food up and sweep it into umami indulgence with your thumb. the things you can do with opposable appendages...
so can we talk about kite runner now? every time i tried to start this book, i would fall asleep. today was no exception. except that i was woken up from my kite-induced sleep by my sister. i couldn't get back to sleep, so i picked the book back up, and it became mine. i'm almost finished with it. i'm enthralled with the beautiful story that it tells. i wish people in books were real.

i'll be done with it today i believe.

band of the day:

i remember lying in my bed in florence/firenze at night. the sounds of italian nightlife make it impossible to fall asleep. closing the window is not an option when there is no air circulation and the temperature is just hot enough to be borderline uncomfortable if you focused your thoughts on it. sigur ros' album () helped me achieve some restful sleep when i was endanger of the opposite. and i am a lover of sleep.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

she makes me shiver she makes me shake

At the end of the day, Guitar Romantic is simply a fucking awesome power-pop record that would've been just as relevant and engaging twenty-five years ago, and will undoubtedly be just as fun twenty-five years down the

i just can't stop listening to it. hah. 70's-esque power-pop anyone?

in other news, this guy resigned:

and this guy is apparently taking over:

guess it helps when your best friends with the bush fam.

i woke up today and it was raining. this means it's snowing in salt lake. and that means it's snowing even more in the mountains. it is a domino effect which will lead to my eventual change in residence to brighton, utah. i'm so pathetic.
also, this morning was screaming EINSTEIN! EINSTEIN! so i gave in. i can't help but love a cinnamon and sugar bagel with strawberry creamcheese and a chai tea. yummmm. much better than a 'winterblend coffee.'

last night i saw joey. wow, i haven't seen that kid for awhile. i forgot how much i love the boy. all we ever talk about is his ever-drama-filled love life, but i love it. i'm going to teach him how to make a porkroast, "my way".

annnnnnnnnnnnnnd i bought 5 things of polaroid film last night at costco. i'm ready to tear up the streets.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

reason the night is so long

i'm scared. something is happening that hasn't in a really long time. i guess i'm not really scared, but i think i should be.

last night was the mt. eerie and jason anderson show. phil elvrum was wearing an amazing oversized blinged out shirt with homer simpson on it. i sincerely thought he was one of the drunks that make their way to starry night, mistaking it for the bar next door. wow. it was just so good!
it was strange-i think i know people in provo. hah. i'm saying that after almost 3 years of being here. i knew it would happen eventually... so pathetic.
a hardcore elitist/socialite of whom i've met on a couple of occasions told me we should 'hang out some time'.

Monday, November 06, 2006

drew #1, #2, #3

we are alone in the world sometimes.

i felt so independent drew. independent and alone. i also looked tough.

i will tell you about joanna for a bit:

first, i parked so far away from the venue. try parking in downtown slc on a saturday night. BUT i have to give props to my magnificent parallel parking abilities. by the time i was finished there was <6 inches between both the car in front and back of me. prooving that i can get in and out of tight situations with not a problem in the world.

second, i ran into leland and his wonderful companion rachel as we were buying tickets. they invited me to join their company, so thus ended the lonely portion for the REST of the night extending to morning.

third, i'm dishonest. contrary to popular belief, i am not 21, 22, or 23. insignificant 20 is what i am. a tragic age to be when you want to get into a 21+ show. cue sister who truly is my favorite person i know. she let me borrow her id, and voila! entrance to a very good night.

fourth, joanna played with a full band. bulgarian mandolin, banjo, bass drums, accordion, saw, guitar and of course a harp. i was blown away. it was so medieval, whimsical, folksy, and i don't know what other adjectives i could insert there to describe the sound. it was, for lack of a better word, cool. she took the milk eyed mender, and blew it out of the water with Ys.

fifth, she player her previously mentioned new album, Ys, from start to finish. each song was at least 10+ minutes long. they were great. her lyrics are so involved. stories written as poetry, portrayed by music--FULL BAND MUSIC.

sixth, rachel, leland aka lander, and i went to get some food afterwards. the pie was open and rachel had never been there so we were off. one rule was established at our gathering: no manners allowed. conversations about anal cancer, burping, recycled water, double dipping and consequently mixing dips were all the rage. it was ridiculous. but i enjoyed the company immensely, restoring my faith in people once again.

seventh, i ended my night with a visit next door. i left when the sun came up.
to think i contemplated staying home.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

the science of developmental biology

i was thinking about you today drew. i can't remember who it was, but i was telling them about you, and how whimsical you were. today i spent $200 on new tires. can't you believe that ? i'm becoming progressively broke. and it's quite a shame. all i know is i'm not broke like you're broke, and that makes me feel a bit better about the situation. but the good news is, that despite being broke i got the velvet underground/and nico. ya know the one that andy warhol produced. i've had it on my iPod for some time, but it always feels good to own a hardcopy too. it's magnificent.
so everyone has flaked on my today. i'm going to joanna newsome at the depot in slc. 3 different people who said they were going have all went awol. so now i'm going alone. figures. i really don't care because i love joanna and i'm going. i just wish i knew someone who loved her as much as i do in the utah county area. i know if you were here, you would go with me drew. we would totally be the dorks who listened to her on the drive up AND back from the show. oh the scene i have in my head right now...

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


M.I.A can take my heart.*
I just spent the majority of the day, from 9am this morning till about 20 minutes ago, on campus seriously studying or in class. I'm ready to fall into my bed. The good news is that I feel good about Chemistry 152. In lamens terms, I'm gonna kick chem152 in the balls. Like I told Sam when I saw him hurrying through the halls in the Widstoe before my Anatomy lab, life's a lot easier 2nd time around.
I'm about to bike home. Weather: 31 degrees, feels like 24 degrees.
Yay for bikes.
*no one else will.