Thursday, March 21, 2013

as coisas são difíceis, mas não impossível

I’ve learned a lot of things this week. Let’s just say it was hard week. Like, really hard.
  1. It truly pays to sleep when you can
  2.  Follow your instincts always
  3.  Keep a clear and sound mind under pressure
  4.  React with confidence or not at all
  5.  Be true to yourself and your personal integrity
  6.  Eat good food and drink lots of water
  7.  Communicate to reduce resentment
  8.  Hold it in when you need, and let it out when you can, but never keep it inside
  9.  Crying is a release and shoulders to cry on is a blessing
  10.  Writing helps the process of processing
  11.  Delegate
  12.  Ask for help and give help when needed
  13.  Take a day off
  14.  Know your boundaries

I hit a wall earlier this week (although it felt more like a brick to the face). I let it get the best of me and felt horribly drained mentally, emotionally and physically because of it. I’ve never felt so discouraged—I not only felt like I can’t be a midwife, but that I don’t want to be a midwife. Then I connected with my sister midwives and felt that release. A relinquished weight. The sharing of the burden. Those women understand like no one else can. They know the feelings you get. These feelings of sadness come and go—going more than coming. The calling is still there. The calling to help, support, love, teach, soothe and care for women throughout the process of birth. You cannot abandon a calling. It’s part of who you are, and it will be with you always.
The key is balance. And this is a theme that is a constant in my life. I find the greatest happiness when I feel like I am balanced. And I am so aware of my imbalanced ways right now, and I'm working on it.