Monday, February 26, 2007


I was just profiled by some kid that couldn't stop talking; ate all the Cadburry Eggs I bought for Mallory and I to eat; or stop thanking me for helping me with his GIGANTIC BYUSA poster that pictured him and his running partner for the BYUSA Presidential/Executive Vice Presidential elections. I think, though I don't see what the BYUSA does, I am going to vote this year. He was spastic. Intense, and seriously, I was relieved to see him walk out the door as we flipped the open/closed sign over to read 'closed'. Not in a negative way, but rather, I needed a breath.
Vote for Jason and John.

I wish I had pictures to document the past weekend. It was so pleasing, and I'm extremely proud of myself for accomplishing the things I did...

Event 1. All-star show lined up at Muse on Friday: eden express, john whites, andy martin, tiger fire, and, dear friend, drew danburry. Most impressed by tiger fire. Sweet pop that made me smile. Recording of stops and clamps ensued afterwards (for those that don't know stops and clamps is 2am-talk for stomps and claps) for Drews upcoming album. Stomps, claps, whistles, bops, and happy noises. Stay tuned.
Even 2. Against my bodies wishes I got out of my bed at 7am Saturday morning to meet Tricia up at Brighton. In an effort to get out of the Saturday crowd's way, we stuck to the tree populated areas. We had gotten fresh snow the night before, and it was just dying to be tracked out. There is, honestly, no feeling like floating down a hill in 2 feet of powder, making fresh lines, making sure to keep movement continuous so as to not set off a mini avalanche. Laugh, but it was almost a spiritual feeling. I wish I had real pictures, but here are some off the world wide web that I thought would visualize what I'm trying to say:

I need to get into doing tons of cardio again, because the hike up Clayton peak and others just about killed me.

Sunday brought church and callings and SNOW. Deana says she won't buy shoes that she can't run to the bus stop in... Well, I ran the million miles from the parking lot to the JFSB in HEELS. I wish I had realized how cold it was when I left for church. I didn't even wear a coat. VT accomplished.


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Glutamic Acid, I love you so much...

I wish I had access to my sister's camera right now. If I had access to this camera, I would post ridiculous videos of me snowboarding and wiping out. Seriously worth a look. Speaking of wiping out--I broke a branch with my side on Monday at Brighton. The 'branch' was an easy 2inches thick in diameter.

I have bigger bruises on my lower hip. It was a grand day spent with my sister, and worth the sick bruises and sore sore body.
Saturday, I spent almost 4 hours in the ER. I wanted to hurt someone. Instead I just watched Karate Kid and wished I had a Mr. Miyagi. It was a long 4 hours filled with misplaced x-rays and discovery channels: young scientist experiments just to find out I had Bronchitis.

Ever feel like people are watching you?
I can't believe I made it through this day. Music ID test I didn't study for, MicroBiology Paper I typed up at 1am last night... I guess it's true that if you just keep one foot in front of the other, you get somewhere eventually. I got home, in my bed, listening to the beatles.

The most unexpected, wonderful news: I A-ced the memorization of my chem test. And I'm quite pleased with myself. Quite. Also, more unexpected, wonderful news: I'm an aunt again! Mack Andrew Brown was born today. Impatient little fellow too. He couldn't even make it to the hospital and was born off of Exit 6 on Rt. 25 in Bridgeport, CT. This makes 8 nieces and nephews. I love my life.