Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Glutamic Acid, I love you so much...

I wish I had access to my sister's camera right now. If I had access to this camera, I would post ridiculous videos of me snowboarding and wiping out. Seriously worth a look. Speaking of wiping out--I broke a branch with my side on Monday at Brighton. The 'branch' was an easy 2inches thick in diameter.

I have bigger bruises on my lower hip. It was a grand day spent with my sister, and worth the sick bruises and sore sore body.
Saturday, I spent almost 4 hours in the ER. I wanted to hurt someone. Instead I just watched Karate Kid and wished I had a Mr. Miyagi. It was a long 4 hours filled with misplaced x-rays and discovery channels: young scientist experiments just to find out I had Bronchitis.

Ever feel like people are watching you?
I can't believe I made it through this day. Music ID test I didn't study for, MicroBiology Paper I typed up at 1am last night... I guess it's true that if you just keep one foot in front of the other, you get somewhere eventually. I got home, in my bed, listening to the beatles.

The most unexpected, wonderful news: I A-ced the memorization of my chem test. And I'm quite pleased with myself. Quite. Also, more unexpected, wonderful news: I'm an aunt again! Mack Andrew Brown was born today. Impatient little fellow too. He couldn't even make it to the hospital and was born off of Exit 6 on Rt. 25 in Bridgeport, CT. This makes 8 nieces and nephews. I love my life.

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Josh said...

aw i'm glad to hear all the good news!

you definitely are showing off way too much skin in this entry, however. that's not good! that's how you end up with 8 nieces and nephews!