Wednesday, January 23, 2013

me levar para as montanhas! para as estrelas! para a floresta! me levar!

My heart aches sometimes. Most of the time it's for inexplicable reasons. It's a picture. It's a song. Its a sentence read in a book. Then it hits and it kills me. I can feel the heart muscle tighten and we all know that tight muscles ache.
I wish there was someone I could go to to work this ache out. But then again, it usually dissipates before it becomes a problem. 
The only thing that has ever been guaranteed to work for me is nature. Rolling mountains, wilderness, desert. Quiet nights, whistling mornings. Stars, moonrises and sunrises. 
It makes me cry a baby bit. 

This reminds me. 
I hope my life is heading in the right direction. Serious doubts surface sometimes and those doubts are scary for me to feel. 

Oh, take me away. I want crisp air. I want green. I want warmth. I want clean thinking. 

This is why you should get to know someone in the wintertime. It might be the saddest time of the year. 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sozinho, mas não sou.

The winds outside sound spooky. They are so strong and loud. They are knocking things around. They make me feel alone and lonely. The trees are swooshing and swaying and bending. I wish that I was out-of-doors so that I could appreciate that noise more. Then Julianna Barwick is playing and it makes me feel more alone and lonelier.
It's the best kind of loneliness. (Solitary loneliness that doesn't require anyone or thing but you.)

(I am not alone.)