Wednesday, January 23, 2013

me levar para as montanhas! para as estrelas! para a floresta! me levar!

My heart aches sometimes. Most of the time it's for inexplicable reasons. It's a picture. It's a song. Its a sentence read in a book. Then it hits and it kills me. I can feel the heart muscle tighten and we all know that tight muscles ache.
I wish there was someone I could go to to work this ache out. But then again, it usually dissipates before it becomes a problem. 
The only thing that has ever been guaranteed to work for me is nature. Rolling mountains, wilderness, desert. Quiet nights, whistling mornings. Stars, moonrises and sunrises. 
It makes me cry a baby bit. 

This reminds me. 
I hope my life is heading in the right direction. Serious doubts surface sometimes and those doubts are scary for me to feel. 

Oh, take me away. I want crisp air. I want green. I want warmth. I want clean thinking. 

This is why you should get to know someone in the wintertime. It might be the saddest time of the year. 

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