Wednesday, October 14, 2009

diz-me que chegei no momento certo

Right now I am hearing a "Meet your Baker" (aka Scifi's uncle) segment on Fxx Nxxx via youtube via facebook--Scifi and Alicia are peeing their pants as they watch and I sit here; Dani is on the sewing machine making her sister a baby sling--a bling; and thinking about our noise generation. There are so many things going on. It never occurred to me that this could be a good thing. But as my priorities are being sorted and set, I am realizing that life and it's noises and things are very much manageable.
Here is an photo update of the noises and things in my life:

! Cindy. You take away our porch sitting rights. I hope you are happy.

@ This is my reaction to missing the greatest photo opportunity that has been set before me in my whole entire life.

# These shoes were made for waiting in line to hear the prophets voice.

$ 21,000 people gathered on a Saturday to be counseled and filled.

% I live with these girls. Everyday. My life doesn't get much better.

^ Oh, I love you too!

& Bringing back Brasil. CTM sisters 4 lyfe.

* a record of my favorite outfit of 2009 thus far. This photo does not do justice to my shoes, which are the best part. I don't care what people say. I LOVE my clogs.

( Two things should be mentioned about this photo: one, the cake looks like poop, and two, yes, someones baby lost their pacifier because they were probably staring at the cake-poop.

) When you decide to do heavy duty cleaning with heavy duty chemicals, you SHOULD wear rubber gloves. I did not have any while cleaning the other day, and despite the use of plastic bags, the clorox and oven cleaner were too much for my poor hands. Chemical burns are no fun and they represent my stupidity. These are the rubber gloves that I acquired by way of present from Lindsey. She covertly left them at my work all wrapped up. You can be assured that I WILL use them next time I do heavy duty cleaning.

! This is the beautiful blue sky and the beautiful wispy clouds and the majestic mountains and the two buildings that own my life.

These are my latest impressions: that I am truly trying to focus every day. It's hard to do. I speak Portuguese everyday and that makes me so happy. I LOVE finding things that amaze me. I want people to see what I see in through my eyes. My perception of life is completely different than yours. We see what we perceive. And if we don't have the receptors for what's before us we will never perceive it. I enjoy epic music and jamming. Priorities and organization.
Till next time.