Thursday, May 24, 2007

don't do it juliet.

This is what we do in the summertime:
We eat watermelons and hot dogs--even in inclement weather.
We go on Sunday (and every other day of the week) bike rides .
We study hard in the library (3 more weeks left).
We have bonfires.
We have potlucks.
This doesn't even begin to cover the never ending quest to find the perfect churro; the latest obsession with tetris; frolicking in parks, etc...
I love the summer time.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

neurologic disorders causing visual dysfunction

I love summer so much. 1 hour + bike rides. Bonfires. Slack lining. Cooking flaming hot dinners. Etc. Etc. Etc. School and work sometimes must take the back seat to a midnight bike ride.
I turned in my Nursing Application yesterday. Now all I must to do is get through the dooms of Pathophysiology and Statistics for the next month and a half and hope I have a chance of getting into Nursing school. I should be mildly scared, but am not. Who knows if I'll get in. If not, that sucks. On to a couple of schools that will allow my acceptance. And onto better things.
Also, I think Erin and I have the same eyes kinda. I like her a lot.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

My day was so full. I love it. So much. In the past two weeks I have come to the realization that this summer is going to be one of the raddest summers that I've had in a really really really long time. And I feel really good about that.
Today marked the celebration of the 40th birthday of a woman who was present at my birth and various times in my life-Bridgette Blackwelder. She gave me a hug that said I love you. I love those kinds of hugs. I was outnumbered by Blackwelders/Rodgersons at the party, being the only Brown (a rare occurence). But I held my own. I also got hit on by one of the waiters. That was interesting. I think Erin Blackwelder saved my life one summer. Well, mostly it was her children, Brooke and Ellie. I think I am going to be a horrible mom. My kids are going to be the dirtiest on the block. I am going to advocate jumping in streams, chasing ducks, picking planted flowers, grass stains and possibly food fights. There will be outright pandemonium at my house. Oh well. I'm over it.
When I grow up...