Monday, November 06, 2006

drew #1, #2, #3

we are alone in the world sometimes.

i felt so independent drew. independent and alone. i also looked tough.

i will tell you about joanna for a bit:

first, i parked so far away from the venue. try parking in downtown slc on a saturday night. BUT i have to give props to my magnificent parallel parking abilities. by the time i was finished there was <6 inches between both the car in front and back of me. prooving that i can get in and out of tight situations with not a problem in the world.

second, i ran into leland and his wonderful companion rachel as we were buying tickets. they invited me to join their company, so thus ended the lonely portion for the REST of the night extending to morning.

third, i'm dishonest. contrary to popular belief, i am not 21, 22, or 23. insignificant 20 is what i am. a tragic age to be when you want to get into a 21+ show. cue sister who truly is my favorite person i know. she let me borrow her id, and voila! entrance to a very good night.

fourth, joanna played with a full band. bulgarian mandolin, banjo, bass drums, accordion, saw, guitar and of course a harp. i was blown away. it was so medieval, whimsical, folksy, and i don't know what other adjectives i could insert there to describe the sound. it was, for lack of a better word, cool. she took the milk eyed mender, and blew it out of the water with Ys.

fifth, she player her previously mentioned new album, Ys, from start to finish. each song was at least 10+ minutes long. they were great. her lyrics are so involved. stories written as poetry, portrayed by music--FULL BAND MUSIC.

sixth, rachel, leland aka lander, and i went to get some food afterwards. the pie was open and rachel had never been there so we were off. one rule was established at our gathering: no manners allowed. conversations about anal cancer, burping, recycled water, double dipping and consequently mixing dips were all the rage. it was ridiculous. but i enjoyed the company immensely, restoring my faith in people once again.

seventh, i ended my night with a visit next door. i left when the sun came up.
to think i contemplated staying home.

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