Saturday, November 11, 2006

Untitled #2 fyrsta

i have a small obsession with all things tragic. i'm fascinated by other people's tragedies, but nothing ever happens to me. i'm a silly girl who fantasizes about the horrific things that could happen to her. i only voice my wishes to others in small amounts. people tend to think it unhealthy. oh well. i guess it is.
i ate indian food tonight. and i ate it with my hands-well my right hand. you aren't supposed to with your left. anyway, the point is i ate it with my hands and they still smell of chicken tikka masala. it was sooo good. it easily made my night.

it's a tricky thing-eating with your hands. you have to carefully scoop your chosen food up and sweep it into umami indulgence with your thumb. the things you can do with opposable appendages...
so can we talk about kite runner now? every time i tried to start this book, i would fall asleep. today was no exception. except that i was woken up from my kite-induced sleep by my sister. i couldn't get back to sleep, so i picked the book back up, and it became mine. i'm almost finished with it. i'm enthralled with the beautiful story that it tells. i wish people in books were real.

i'll be done with it today i believe.

band of the day:

i remember lying in my bed in florence/firenze at night. the sounds of italian nightlife make it impossible to fall asleep. closing the window is not an option when there is no air circulation and the temperature is just hot enough to be borderline uncomfortable if you focused your thoughts on it. sigur ros' album () helped me achieve some restful sleep when i was endanger of the opposite. and i am a lover of sleep.

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