Thursday, November 09, 2006

she makes me shiver she makes me shake

At the end of the day, Guitar Romantic is simply a fucking awesome power-pop record that would've been just as relevant and engaging twenty-five years ago, and will undoubtedly be just as fun twenty-five years down the

i just can't stop listening to it. hah. 70's-esque power-pop anyone?

in other news, this guy resigned:

and this guy is apparently taking over:

guess it helps when your best friends with the bush fam.

i woke up today and it was raining. this means it's snowing in salt lake. and that means it's snowing even more in the mountains. it is a domino effect which will lead to my eventual change in residence to brighton, utah. i'm so pathetic.
also, this morning was screaming EINSTEIN! EINSTEIN! so i gave in. i can't help but love a cinnamon and sugar bagel with strawberry creamcheese and a chai tea. yummmm. much better than a 'winterblend coffee.'

last night i saw joey. wow, i haven't seen that kid for awhile. i forgot how much i love the boy. all we ever talk about is his ever-drama-filled love life, but i love it. i'm going to teach him how to make a porkroast, "my way".

annnnnnnnnnnnnnd i bought 5 things of polaroid film last night at costco. i'm ready to tear up the streets.

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