Saturday, November 04, 2006

the science of developmental biology

i was thinking about you today drew. i can't remember who it was, but i was telling them about you, and how whimsical you were. today i spent $200 on new tires. can't you believe that ? i'm becoming progressively broke. and it's quite a shame. all i know is i'm not broke like you're broke, and that makes me feel a bit better about the situation. but the good news is, that despite being broke i got the velvet underground/and nico. ya know the one that andy warhol produced. i've had it on my iPod for some time, but it always feels good to own a hardcopy too. it's magnificent.
so everyone has flaked on my today. i'm going to joanna newsome at the depot in slc. 3 different people who said they were going have all went awol. so now i'm going alone. figures. i really don't care because i love joanna and i'm going. i just wish i knew someone who loved her as much as i do in the utah county area. i know if you were here, you would go with me drew. we would totally be the dorks who listened to her on the drive up AND back from the show. oh the scene i have in my head right now...

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