Tuesday, November 21, 2006

battle of the sexes is the silliest game.

people can be really lame. i wish i understood what was going on in my life. hah. i'm so laaaaammmmme.
today was the first day of the rest of my life. kinda. don't ask, actually-please do. i shot up to brighton and from 9-4 spent riding on SNOW. snow? snow. wind. snow. wind. snow. ice? sun. wind. snow. the first half of the day was blah. i don't know why. it was nice to be back on the mountain, but for some reason, my mind was somewhere else. i think it was my music selection. towards the end of the day i put in lady sov. i love how music can change attitudes.

lady sov helped me have the best 5 runs of the day. so tidgy. i'll show these boys how i can spit.
last night i purchased 2 cd's from amazon. i love amazon. it's a perfect outlet for impulse buying.
the lost sounds

and the clears

nick lowe, the modern lovers, the sonics. rock n' roll.

this is my home away from home. get used to it.

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Josh said...

psyched/pissed that you bought the lost sounds shit. i was going to put them on your cd, but you already know whats up!