Sunday, December 17, 2006

.oot uoy etah i .uoy etah i

I woke up this morning, and it was still POURING snow.
And I'm still here. It's one of the many tragedies in my life. GAH. PS. the plowing system here sucks.

When I picked up my board from OU, the guy there was telling me how it turned out better than any board he's grinded down=SMOOTH riding.

I cannot believe this snow.

8am Marriage and Family final
2:30 D&C final
Anatomy final at some point in the day. And if I'm ambitious, (which is usually not the case, but I should state the possiblity nontheless) my Physiology final as well.
Physiology final (if my ambitiousness fails).
I will be home free once I have that dreaded Physiology final overwith.

Last night preparation for a feast was started. Not really, just jambalya and pies. Joe cooked the Jambalya and I baked the pies. I baked three (3) pies. Two blueberry:

The other one has been eaten. And one apple:

There was a bit of an adventure with the apple. I grabbed the cinnamon to put in the apples. I started to sprinkle it on, and I noticed it did NOT smell like cinnamon. EHHHHHHHH...It was CUMIN. Not exactly the spice you put in apple pies. But it's nothing a LOT of sugar and cinnamon can't cover up. It adds a special something. It's the new cinnamon.

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