Sunday, December 10, 2006

with a fist full of steal

I want to grow up.
My cell phone was dropped today. For the last time. Broken in half, just like that, on the wet pavement as Blake was fixing my bike--which is no longer broken. I now use my old old Nokia. The buttons stick, and it's always telling me I have a missed call when I don't have any sort of thing.
Heather and I drove up to SLC for dinner at the sister's house. We had a conversation. It was long and animated, and it was raining/slushing/snowing outside. It was perfect. The conversation fit the weather--which, depending on how you view rain and snow, could have been good or bad--I'm not telling. (But it was satisfying.)
I'm looking forward to tomorrow. It may just be my first powder day of the season. AKA, Kayte's therapy session. There is no way I'm going to class.

Lets hear it for the inversion. I love breathing stale air.

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