Friday, December 08, 2006

I don't suppose the river flows for me

I didn't get the job with the computer labs. I'm over it. I went to see a man about a job promised to me if I wanted it. I went and I got it. I now need to talk to a man named Max to complete the hiring process. I'm looking forward to having a job on campus.
GAH last night was HELL. Not really. Just most of it. Lance bought me food. But Andrew G. is back with a vengence. The kid gets under your skin. He doesn't stop talking.
Some serious reflection has been going on in my head. It's been good. I've been convinced that I don't mentally live in Utah. I stuck somewhere between Monroe and Provo. And thats bad.
This is the chemical make-up of cocaine:

Just thought you all should know. I must go make my way to campus. I have an organic chemistry study session. I love organic chemistry. I should become a chemist. Forget nursing/midwifery.


Josh said...

a giant WTF to the cocaine make up?

kayte said...

don't WTF me. it was just something i've been learning in my o chem class.