Friday, January 26, 2007

telling the difference is like figuring out those beta and alpha bonds.

Remember that one time I was in Italy? And I saw stuff like the Laocoon and the Pieta? I forget. All the time. Yesterday, I found a receipt for that gelato place down the street from St. Peter's square. Best gelato I have ever had in my life. EVER. Punto!

That was such a great day. That whole trip is one big blur. But I remember things like: our last night in Rome at the Spanish Steps. I still don't understand the fascination with those steps. There's always too many people there to even enjoy them. I remember going to market and buying blood oranges. Oh, I miss blood oranges. I love remembering things. I need to do it more often.
And I remember that defining moment in my life; this was the night. I don't remember why, but it was a night that could have gone very differently. I think Mirah saved my life in a way:

So silly how so much can change in the course of months, weeks, days. Hair today:

Gone tomorrow. My room is empty:

I hope Matt returns my dragon shirt. I left it at home and apparently he's been wearing it. I'm glad someone is enjoying it, but it's my masterpiece. And my symbol for sticking it to the man. I want it back!
Also, Mom says I can't be a loner. Ha ha.

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Josh said...

it's true you can't.

mother brown knows best.