Thursday, January 25, 2007

oh, mandy

I wonder where Deana has gone. I haven't seen her for maybe 3 days? A little worrysome because I live with her, but I think she's just Sundancing it too much. Next year, if I'm around, I want to be non-existent around Sundance time too. But hopefully I won't be around, and I'll be somewhere unknown to me in this world, totally oblivious to the fact thats it's Sundance time.

I was walking by the bowling ally in the Wilk, and they were playing 'Ridin Diirty'. It was too strange.


Josh said...

kayte, if in 10 years we're both still not married, lets get married and you can wear your hair like that as we walk down the aisle- how's that sound to you?

kayte said...

j, it sounds like a sweet deal to me. i think i'm down with that. i think it would be the most ridiculous wedding ever, but i think that's the point. bff.