Sunday, October 21, 2012

Queria que guardaria o dia do Senhor melhor

I work on Sundays sometimes. Like maybe once a month. On the one hand I don't really care because it's once a month and not really a big deal to me. On the other it's Sunday. Jesus' day. A holy day right?
I have always struggled with this principle. Like, does it REALLY matter if once a month I miss church because I'm working? I don't think so. And when I miss church because I'm attending a birth I can't help but to think that there's no place I'd rather be than at the birth of a wee one-a new soul. It's a beautiful moment. A holy moment that perhaps is most appropriate when it occurs on a Sunday.

But when I'm sitting at medical research facility (the job that pays the bills, ya' know?) all day performing monotonous assessments on patients I can't help but think: so this is what they mean when they say that Sunday should be a day separate, apart from other days of the week. A day to rest, release and meditate. Today is a day to breath deeply. To remember and reflect on the past weeks. A day to be aware of blessings. I'm more and more convinced that I need to fill my life with more and more love and compassion.
I'm probably not going to stop my once a month Sunday work days. I'm probably not gonna stop not feeling bad about making grocery store runs for forgotten or missed ingredients for Sunday dinner. I will probably keep hiking every once in a while. I will definitely keep listening to the bluegrass station.
But I will commit to resting this tired body. To reconnecting with loved ones. To being aware and grateful. I commit to loving more and needing less. I commit to thinking about the important things. I commit to recommitting every week because God knows I forget.
Happy Sunday friends. I hope it finds you well.


Miss K$ said...

I love the blue grass station too on sundays!

Derrick Clements said...

Just found this post, and I really appreciate it. It's a subject that I have been struggling to understand and live for years. I think Joe Lieberman has had a lot of really interesting things to say about the sabbath, as well as Wouk in "This is My God." It seems that Jews have this figured out more than Mormons. At least more than this mormon (points to self). So I appreciate your thoughts and the fact that I'm not the only one who is thinking about what it means in ways other than silly rules that can't possibly have anything to do with it.