Thursday, October 11, 2012

Eu escrevo músicas ás vezes

And they are always short and a little repetitive, but they are always very cute.

I live in a town that's nestled up against the mountains in the corner of a valley. When I sit on the porch at night it makes me very lonely and amazed at the same time.
Lonely because sometimes you want to share really lovely things with people--and maybe even the dog won't sit still enough to do that with you.
Amazed because even though the valley itself is getting larger and busier everyday, the sky just keeps getting vaster and the stars keep on falling and the moon keeps on rising.

Since regaining a little bit of my soul back (my iPod: we had a really long parting of ways and we are now reunited along with all music circa 2003-2007), I have been listening to a lot of death cab. I know, I know. But really I KNOW. Remember how awesome that band is? And how their music speaks to the scientific soul? AND the romantic soul? The heartbroken and the one that moved on? I remember. You know when a song comes on in your car and it's so good that even though you've arrive at your destination and you've parked the car, you can't bring yourself to turn the key to off? That's dcfc. Every time. It felt good to remember them. Like old friends that I didn't forget about, but like my iPod, got separated. I'm so glad they're back.

Tonight I wished on one of those stars that keep on falling. It was beautiful. And I believe.

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Rachel Hunt said...

I believe too. And I remember.