Thursday, August 23, 2012

Se-mudei da casa da árvore

I moved. I left the treehouse on Monday. No more sleeping out under the tree branches in my hammock. No more swaying in the wind or rocking myself to sleep. And no more waking up to chickens scratching.
I'm a little sad, but mostly I'm happy to be back in a bed in my own little space. I'm happy to have my own bathroom and a puppy. I have little ones that worry if I'm not home by a certain time. I have a TV in my room (I'm 26 and I have never had this). And a pool. I have a pool.
I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with some things that I could have had better control over, so I'm going into slight withdrawal mode. I'm sorry if you don't see me for a while. I still love you.
But it's time to catch up with myself and get organized.
Time to stop thinking and start doing.
Time to follow my heart.
Wu-tang style.

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Derrick Clements said...

This is a nice post. Good luck in your new house.