Sunday, September 06, 2009

o! as possibilidades.

I bought a new coat.
I used to be so witty. I don't know what has happend. I think too many science classes.
Too many people tonight. Post-mission anxiety followed. Didn't go to Mona. Did go have some pretty awesome conversations with some pretty great people. Well, yea. Anyway. Did you know that hotels are NOT required to look under a bed when cleaning? Beware of what you might find there.
Last night and this morning I think I played hide-n-go-seek around the amount of 20+ times. I loved every minute of it. I love being a little kid again. LOVE IT. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.
I made 2 lb.s of fresh salsa tonight. No joke. We downed most of it, along with a 3 lb. bag of Santitos chips and a 1/2 bag of Costco chips. In a span of 6 hours.
Don't you hate it when you want to like someone, and you do, but it's not who you should like and you don't like liking and it doesn't matter anyway because that person doesn't even like you? Jibberish. Hypethetically speaking, that would really suck. It would suck even more in real life.
I miss the suffocating amount of trees there are in CT.
Tenho saudades de falar em portugues. Tambem, fique frustrada porque o taclaro de meu computador nao tem os acentos da lingua portuguesa.
Quero ser um livro.


Zak and Weezie said...

I LOVE hide and go seek, just thought you should know, for when you are back in CT, we should get a massive game going.

P.S. The security word I had to put in is "hymningar" try to work that one into your conversations today.

Rachel. said...

hypothetically that would really suck. hypothetically.

your salsa and chip fest sound divine.

betty said...

It is actually pretty easy to get your computer to type Portuguese accents. Max does it all the time! Have you figured out how yet? If not send me an email and I will find out from Max and tell you.