Monday, September 28, 2009

A gente não concorda.

I stepped into the horrid testing testing center today. First time in 2 years. Wow. What a feeling of anxiety. It very much brings me into a tizzy--knowing that I have to return yet two more times this week. I guess things like this are inevitable when you are me. I wish I was like Alicia and had only stepped into the testing twice in my life. I think things would would be so wonderful if that were a reality. I also think it would be wonderful if one of those stupid notes people leave at the bottom of the testing center stairs were for me. (I will be at the TC on Wednesday and again on Friday...Just in case anyone wanted to know.)

My sister and I comparing whose scarf hair looks better. I win.

On a side note: I am not fond of my computer.

Other side note: I will be contributing to this blog, so YOU should check it out.


Rachel. said...

I always hated standing beside other anxious test takers waiting to know our respective scores. For me, that little area, by that little screen was the very most stressful place on campus. I wish I could leave you a note at the exit, to make up for it. But alas.

Other news, I like your pictures. It reminds me of Christmastime and my childhood. Liahona and I always had to be shepherds in our family's telling of the nativity story and we would braid our hair into beards. It was awesome.

sara said...

you have a blog!!!

i love you.