Monday, March 19, 2007

it's the animal poisoning.

-I spent the majority of my nights last week at the library till close.
+I went to yoga 3 time last week.
-I cut 2 inches off my head yesterday, and I had two people tell me today that it was getting so long.
+I cut my hair yesterday
+I went to a BBQ at Liberty Park yesterday.
+I turned in my 10-pager today. (I haven't written a real paper in almost 2 years, it felt good.)
-I think I lost my most favorite sweatshirt in the world on my ride home from work today.
-There are mice living in my house.
+Today's high was 75*F.
-School just needs to end.
+I got stuff in the mail today.

But seriously. I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight knowing that there are things, rodents, running around my room. Sick.

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