Sunday, March 11, 2007

i'm so lammmme. i'm building a library.

My lungs are burning. (I think last night was a failed attempt to mend something that was never there.) I also think I need to fix my Schwinn frame up. All it needs is a new front wheel, some liners and new tubes. I think I'm almost done with the Raleigh. It's given me more problems than not. And the Schwinn is prettier.

(I broke down and bought 2 CD's today. I'm still waiting for the last 2 I bought. I hate It will be my downfall.)
[And curse Deana (but not really) for realizing how much better something sounds if you actually own it.]

(My new W-2's need to get here soon so I can have money again. It's much better than not having money and spending it anyway.)

(Why can't I burn music like any other normal human being?)

Seriously, I came in from jumping a half hour ago, and they're still burning... What gives?

(I guess it's not a good idea to jump until, and way past, the point where you're not breathing normally-at all. Eh, I couldn't help it. Do you realize how wonderful it is tonight?)

(I might start a club? Flyers? Thoughts are moving...)

I have 100 programs to fold for church tomorrow. I have no desire to do it tonight. Looks like I'm getting up EARLY.
Also, I think my social anxiety is getting worse the older I get. I'm trying counter act this with activism in regards to my social life. Ehhhhhhh, yah, that will take some time.

Yoga heals.
Honest. This morning Shelby taught. I felt like I was doing things with my strength and bondas that I had never done before. Stretching further than I would ever desire to go. And it was okay with my body. I wish I had the time to go more.

Thinking about it today, I decided that I want a summer thats is free from the stress of working 50 million hours as previous summers have shown. (Mint Car is playing right now.) I want to be able to sleep-in if I want to. Or get up at 6am and run a few miles and not worry about having a 7:30 class. Do you think that's possible? I also will be be dedicating quality time this summer to avoiding the heat and becoming an expert at Guitar Hero.

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Josh said...

as long as your summer plans include hanging out with me as much as possible (WHEN you come home, and you are coming home), then your plans get my seal of approval.