Monday, June 17, 2013

Até dia quatro

Day four on the trail: my feet are fairing...fair on the Chaco experiment. I have blisters in places that I wasn't ever expecting blisters. Like on the tips of my toes? What do you even do for that? It doesn't bother me too badly. As long as I have a long uphill to distract me. Yes, long uphills are a welcomed sight in my eyes. They are challenging; your feet never hurt while ascending; and they make you twenty times more grateful for a downhill when it comes. (And it always comes.)
I almost stepped on a snake today. (As per usual...) It was a blackish type snake with diamond like designs on the sides. It acted like it was going to get aggressive and rattled its tail like it was a rattler minus the rattles. The head was not in a noticeable triangular shape. Any guesses? 
I hiked through the Grayson Highlands this week. I think that might be the highlight of my hike this time around. Such beautiful open balds. Rocky-tops everywhere. And PONIES. Yes, wild herds of ponies. I ran into three different herds or packs or whatever you would call them. So cute--it was ridiculous. 

I just picked up my drop box in Atkins, VA, so if you wish to find me on map, there you go. 
I ran into some real trail magic. There was a wooden lockbox all decorated on the outside and filled with everything a hiker could need on the inside: soap, snacks, band aids, tortillas, hand sanitizer, etc... Pictured below are some of the people that have been more or less on the same pace as me: Fat Toodles, Etc, and L Dog. 

It's amazing that even cow pastures like this can just take your breath away. 
Wilderness treks on...

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