Wednesday, June 23, 2010

escrever para esclarecer.

I've been doing this thing the past couple of weeks. Just writing exercises. In the morning I sit and write until I can't write any more or until I have at least 3 pages. I believe the recent surge of blog-making urges can be attributed to this.

Sometimes the days are COMPLETELY overwhelming for no reason. Today I worked for three hours. That's it. But I arrived home utterly exhausted, believe this was a result of thinking too much. I spoke with my mother. She was making strawberry jam, and I became suddenly homesick. This doesn't happen very often, but when it does it is strong and it's then that I must leave the land of college and being alone and enter the family world. Since it was too early in the day to head to my sister's, I did the next best thing: I headed to Alpine. Alpine is the home of my second family. A place where I can pretend I'm 18 years old again and living in CT. Spending all day under the sun, surrounded by the glorious mountains, in a saline pool, with little ones and a brand new puppy has its healing factors.

Ten things I would like to do before I die:
1. Make a beautiful quilt
2. Be a midwife
3. Write my memoirs
4. Maintain a flourishing garden
5. Build a bed
6. Teach a child how to ride a bike
7. Teach a women to love herself
8. Say "I love you" and kiss a tree in all 50 states
9. Hike the Appalachian trail
10. Climb a mountain a year

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