Friday, July 12, 2013

Chegou a hora pra relaxar

Just a nice pano from the AT somewhere. I miss it. But I needed DC. I didn't even know it. I got to hang out with the wonderful Ceff. It's been too long since being in her company. I also got to spend some beautiful alone time in a city I love. 
DC is a place I grew up visiting. I feel like I've done all the touristy things worth doing. So I set out to visit some calming, unconventional sights. In my crocs. Don't judge me. They're incredibly comfortable. 

After a nice adventure that involved getting driven around on the cemetery tractor, getting hit on by the cemetery landscaper, Mario, that drove the tractor and almost peeing my pants, I finally arrived at the Adam's Memorial in Rock Creek Cemetary, or more commonly known as "Grief." This bronze statue by Augustus Saint-Gaudens took my breath away and I sat on the bench before it for some time soaking it in. It was commissioned by Adams when his wife unexpectedly took her own life. The official title is The Mystery of the Hereafter and The Peace of God that Passeth Understanding. I guess one of the reasons it struck me is because grief has been something I thought about a lot during my AT walk for some reason. And this sculpture embodied a lot of the emotion that comes with the grief we all feel at times. 
I also visited the National Shrine. Or the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. And it is the largest Roman Catholic Church in the US and North America. It was breath-taking. You can see the beautiful basilica from far away as you walk up to it. And inside the ceilings are covered in incredible mosaics. 
I'm so glad there exists quiet places to sit. I do that a lot I guess--sitting in the quiet. I believe I need it. 
DC was a time for winding down for me. I got a manicure and a pedicure. The poor woman made all sorts of funny faces as she washed, scrubbed and grated my feet down, riding it of dead skin and caked on dirt. Then me a Ceff went to Spa World. And I'm announcing to the world that I am now a Korean bathhouse enthusiast and I would even say evangelist.
I will spread the gospel of the bathhouse far and wide. There aren't many words to describe the relaxing nature of this experience, but here's a couple: hydrotherapy, naked, cleansing, healing, hot, sweat, comfortable. We spent a solid four hours at Spa World and could have easily spent another four. And we could have, because its open 24 hours. It's a phenomenon that I knew was there, but never really understood until now. 
Me and Ceff with post-Spa World faces. We are so happy and content. 
Now it's back to the real world.

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