Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I'm sitting at work, observing a patient who has schizophrenia. He's a very nice gentleman, and he talks to himself a lot. Earlier, I overheard him say what I thought was the portugues word for darkness. He probably was saying something else. I don't think he speaks portugues. But it got me thinking about this day and the past year simultaneously.
This day I woke up and it was snowing. It was dark and dreary outside as I drove to work and it made me sad. Oh I'm longing for Spring. And light. Light all the time. I want to wake up early to the sun and go to bed late with it as well.
This year had so many dark moments. A friend once said that I'm an extremely positive person. But not to a fault. I think I can realize the positives AND the negatives of a situation and be appreciative of both.
I think there's something important about embracing dark moments for what they are. Not to be taken over by them, but to acknowledge their existence and perhaps even purpose in our development.
Yes, I said I thought darkness was important. I do. Just as I believe light is important. Darkness is not a bad thing. Just different.

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