Friday, March 02, 2012

As coisas que me fazem feliz

I have composed a simple list of things I like. There are many additional things, but these are the ones that I could think of, and have been thinking of lately. Here they are. 
Things I like:
1.       Food
a.       Sweets
                                                               i.      Yogurt-covered pretzels
                                                             ii.      Tootsie rolls
b.      Cheese
                                                               i.      Sharp cheddar
                                                             ii.      Chevre
c.       Nachos
d.      (good) Pizza
                                                               i.      Especially if made with thick-cut pepperoni
e.      Popcorn (homemade)
f.        Smoothies with spinach or carrots
g.       Greens
                                                               i.      Arugula
                                                             ii.      Spinach
                                                            iii.      Kale
h.      Black beans
i.         Fresh-from-the-garden anything
j.        Very nutritious and warm bread
2.       Nature
a.       Mountains
b.      Sunshine on my face
c.       TREES
d.      Babbling brooks
e.      Long long hikes
f.        Solitude
3.       Miscellaneous
a.       Sleeping in till 9am
b.      Painting my nails
c.       Drinking filtered water and/or fresh spring water
d.      Downton Abbey
e.      My Montbell jacket
f.        My Horse Chestnut earrings
g.       The last hundred yards of a very long run
4.       Birth
a.       Birth
b.      Midwifery
5.       Technology
6.       Books
a.       Books about birth
b.      Books about history
c.       Books about food
d.      Books with lots of pictures
e.      Kids books
f.        Harry Potter
g.       Classic novels
7.       Blogs
a.       Picture blogs
b.      Vlogs
c.       Recipe blogs
8.       Music
a.       Music that my friends play
9.       Family
a.       Family dinners
b.      Nieces and nephews who like you
c.       Good/nice siblings
d.      Family reunions
10.   Spirituality
a.       Heavenly Parents
b.      Jesus
c.       Love
                                                               i.      Love unfeigned
d.      Silence
11.   Friends
a.       “hang-outs”—real-life or internet based
12.   Gifts
13.   Work
a.       Nice colleagues who look out for you and you for them
b.      Company lunches
c.       Direct deposit
14.   Travel
a.       (not being a)tourist
b.      Experiencing places and people
15.   My driver’s license
16.   Feminism
17.   The good ol’ days of college
18.   Rock-climbing

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