Monday, February 01, 2010

relembrando o passado e olhando para o futuro

I miss summer. I know I'm not supposed to be the one to say that. I know I love winter and snow and cold and all that that entails. But seriously, I miss summer. And those tan lines.

I have been home for 7 months from Brasil. I think about my time spent home and wonder if I've done anything good in comparison to the 18 months I spent in Canela, Montenegro and Farroupilha. I hope that my progress hasn't been deterred by my time home, at school, with friends, etc.. I hope my desire to ever be a change in peoples lives hasn't been thwarted by my selfishness.

This is picture is of Rosie's family. Hours upon hours spent with this women. Teaching, loving, praying, playing, cooking, eating... Oh how I miss Rosie.

A lot of nostalgia has been floating around lately. Digging through past pictures and music and journals. It's been interesting to relive the feelings and experiences I had and to remember the people who I've met and loved.

When Rae and I lived together, we only had one chair and one desk. We utilized that. I miss our bald heads and padawan braids.

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Running with Curlers said...

sniff. I do too! nostalgia.. its a killa...I can't help but feel I looked like a boy from behind. hehe. ps I miss your funny tan lines too. You are beautiful when you are happy.