Sunday, November 08, 2009

fala sim fala nao.

Winter is upon us, and with it brings new challenges. It seems to me that someone out there is trying to teach me patience. Like Kristy said yesterday...PATIENCE! I love my trips to the temple with Kristy. We have started a wonderful tradition/habit.
Things are winding down with school (or just starting, I just can't quite tell which). This is only a gentle but stark reminder of the repeated cliche of how fast time really does fly.
Things at work are normal. Things at school are normal. Things at home are normal. I never seem to have time to do anything. To finish anything. I find it difficult to stop looking and depending on the future to take away the angst of right now. I guess it's becoming apparent how hard it is to live in RIGHT NOW. But depending on the future is just so subjective. You can't depend on tomorrow. You can't know anything about 5 minutes from now.
I am reading a book. It is called "The cry and the covenant". My mom gave it to me. I love my mom. She is a literary genius. She reads and reads and reads and reads. She loves to read, and I am so happy that perhaps she has passed this love down to me. She read this book when she was younger. It tells the story of a young hungarian doctor living and practicing at the renowned hospital at Vienna in the late 1800's before the era of the germ theory. It makes me cringe to read of the doctors going from autopsy room to the delivery room, wiping the blood and the pus on their jackets as a sign of their wisdom and tenure. It is a fascinating book.
I think I'm feeling pretty wonderful. I mean--life isn't perfect, and truth be told, I have to fight to keep a positive outlook on life (pessimism is SOOO easy), but I feel balanced. I feel well. I sometimes wonder when the rain will come. That does keep me on my feet. The rain. I am really just trying to keep up with my philosophy that moderation is everything. If I am so full of this, I cannot enjoy that.
I am tempted to upload a recording of a t-pain-esq song that I made up on 'i am t-pain', an app I downloaded a bit ago, but of late I have been practicing my self-control, so I'm not going to do that. But if you really do want to hear it, I'm taking requests.

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