Tuesday, August 11, 2009

o sol nasceu. estou aqui e estou amando cada momento.

After a year an a half hiatus, I would like to officially restart this blog.

Updates are in line.
1. My year and a half as a missionary in the Porto Alegre, Brasil area was a success. It was what I needed at that time in my life-just a little time to NOT think of myself. Life as a missionary is fast paced, intense and so full of sadness/happiness. I am happy to be back.
2. I have returned home (to Utah). I live with people that are just beautiful.
3. I am scared scared scared to start school. Again. It looks like I've been putting off being an undergraduate for too long. Time to 'buckle down'.

Thats all.

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Rachel. said...

"so full of sadness/happiness"=so true. so, so true.

post mission school is maybe hard, but also rewarding. it made me a slower paper writer. and I was already slow. I didn't really have cause to practice writing philosophical arguments in california. only letters.

I like this update, and look forward to more to come.