Monday, June 18, 2007

compact discs of the utmost quality.

The Titanic song is playing RIGHT now over the loudspeakers at work. Mary Cox admits she's seen this in the theater 5 times. I will admit no such thing.
Alicia Harris was in Ogden this weekend, making me VERY sad and alone all of a sudden; but she has returned relieving my sadness. Erin Leigh Chapman moved to San Francisco on Thursday, and I will go visit her in July because I miss her. My sister and I are EXTREMELY cool, and there's not even room for argument. I love that.
The search for the Provo River rope swing headed up by myself and Patrick Harding failed. The tree has been destroyed along with childhood dreams. Speaking of childish dreams, Saturday night I ventured back onto campus (a daring feat on a Saturday night for fear of being mistaken as one of THOSE people) to watch Howl's Moving Castle outside. It was magical, and International Cinema provided popsicles which always makes things better and more childish.

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