Friday, April 06, 2007

all creatures of our god and king. good friday rules.

Today was a day you could put on that list of days that were just good.
Good thing #1
I've been super stressed about my ridiculous W-2 fiasco with FedExKinkos (damn the man, save the empire), because I still had not gotten my C W-2's back. Miraculously, they appeared in the mail today, the last day the VITA-lab at BYU were doing free taxes.
Good thing #2
A couple of weeks ago I thought I had lost a bead off my bracelet. I had gotten the bead down in Moab, and it was torquoise and beautiful. For all I knew it was floating around BYU campus somewhere. After I got my W-2's in the mail, I was gathering my things to head to the lab to get my taxes done when I looked down on my floor, and there the bead was!
Good thing #3
I avoided the 4 hour wait to get my taxes done because I had saved a small blue sheet of paper, that stated I had the privilege to be the next one in line to do my taxes.
Good thing #4
I'm getting enough back from the Federal Government that I'm not as stressed about $ as I was before. It means I get to fly Home!
Good thing #5
I registered to Vote in the great state of UT.
Good thing #6
To keep the good karma going, I gave blood. It took 5:08 min/sec to give.
Good thing #7
I found myself in the middle of the Seniors banquet on accident while walking home from work, making it able for me to partake of the goodness of free German Chocolate Cake Chocolate Icecream, courtesy of the graduating class of 2007.

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